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Keoni Kū has been performing throughout the Hawaiian Islands and Asia for more than fifteen years. Intrigued as a child in Mililani, Hawai'i by his father’s slack-key playing, Keoni learned to play music at his feet, developing his talents as a falsetto singer and guitarist.  Listeners have compared his sound to the likes of Dennis Pavao, Darren Benitez, and Nā Palapalai.

As his mentor Eric Lee states: "I knew his talent was full of youth and ambition, but what captures me most is his kind-heartedness. Keoni’s attitude is always one of positivity and optimism. This, mixed with his easy-going sense of humor, positions him well for more great things in the future.

Keoni’s eponymous debut EP showcases these talents with a wide range of traditional Hawaiian and pop songs written by the likes of Eric Lee, Kumu Hula “Chinky” Māhoe, and Uncle Louis “Moon” Kauakahi.  In the coming months, Keoni’s excellent live performances, showcasing his warmth, humor, and talent, can be seen in Waīkikī and Japan.

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